Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Fail cannot we expected but it something that we needed for more get achievement everything come as a challenge in future exactly we may accept it if we really want. As people said nothing ...

“impossible in the world and never say don’t give up”.

*~AboUt mYseLF~*

There are many words to describe my personality and myself. My name is Mohd Aminil Husaini bin Ahmad Sobri and our nickname is Amin or Eminel. My friends or family would mainly describe me as friendly, dependable and artistic. I would not hesitate to agree with each descriptive word. I think that being these things has helped make me into the person I am today, and I am very proud of the person I have become. I think that out of any words you could use to describe a person, these three fit me best.

The first word most people I know would use to describe myself is friendly. In all my past experiences, I have learned that it pays off to be friendly. I used to work in a clothing store, Weather vane, and it was basically my job to be friendly to everyone. By being friendly with the customers, and getting to know them on a more personal level, I was awarded more responsibilities. For the four years, I was in high school I participated in facilitator. Being a facilitator also allowed me to be friendly with everyone I came in contact with at games and event. I learned a lot about others and myself by being a facilitator, because it allowed me to interact with a variety of people at these functions. Another past experience that required me to be friendly was being involved in Rotary. Rotary was a community service group at my high school that I was a member in for a year. I had to volunteer at a number of different places and help a lot of different people. By being friendly to them, I got a lot more positive feedback, which allowed me to help out more. I think being friendly is an important trait to have in life today. There are so many hostile people in our world that I think we need more friendly people around.

Friends and family would also describe me as being very dependable. I have a very good relationship with my parents because I have shown them over the years that they can depend on me to get most anything done. My mom and I share a car and whenever she needs me to pick her up from work or an appointment I am always there on time. Both my parents work during the summer, so house chores are usually left up to me and my brother. My brother and I always get everything done that needs to be done. My parents know they can depend on me with any responsibility they give me, and that is a good feeling to have. My work experience has also contributed to my dependability. When things got crazy around the store, especially during Hari Raya time, my managers knew they could always call me and I would come in as soon as possible. Friends describe me as being dependable because they know that friends and family come first to me. A lot of my friends will come to me with problems because they know they can depend on me to help them out and listen. Being a reliable person means a lot to me, and I hope that I will always be looked at as being dependable to my friends and family.
Friendly, artistic and dependable are all words that anyone who knows me well would use to describe me. Each trait has developed greatly over the years and has made me who I am today. I think that friends and family would be proud of the person I have become. There is a quote that I try to live by every day, which goes, “Be who you are, and say what you want; because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” I am who I am, and I like how I have turned out. This quote just reminds me to be proud of the person you are stand up for what you believe in. That is what makes a person into who they are.

That all........

My hobby

Hobby is most important thing in our life because it will make our life not wasted. I believe that every people have at least one hobby in their life. When we talk about hobby, actually I have a lot of hobbies but only one that I’m really like to do it that I want share with reader is playing badminton. Why I choose playing badminton? The exactly answer is playing badminton can make everyone get healthy and make our mind release. Actually I go play badminton with my family and friends. At the same time, unacceptable, my relationship with my family and friends more closely. My achievement that I have got is when the match between me and my father. I’m really feel happy cause that first time I won that match. When I was child, I like to play badminton but at the same time I don’t have any racket. I force my father to buy one. My father gives the racket on my fifth anniversary birthday. Start from that day, my hobby is playing badminton.

My Best Friends

We have been friends for quite a while now, and I just want to say thank you for being there when times got tough. I know you more than I know anybody and I am so glad that we started hanging out together. Lately I have been thinking about the way that we always compete with each other and it's really starting to get to me. I know that it is not always intentional, but it just seems like you enjoy getting into those little arguments that we seem to usually come across. You and I have many of the same personality traits, yet we also seem like total opposites at times. You are a really funny and crazy person and that is why I like to go out with you, but sometimes you really get to me and you push my buttons. Abu Ahnaf, you argue with me about the stupidest things.

Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to what I have to say. I do not want to keep my feelings and thoughts all inside me and I know you have been really busy lately, so I figured it would not hurt to write it all down on paper. What I'm basically trying to say is that there are a lot of ways that we can get around competing and arguing and we should both as a team work on it. I won't get mad if you think a girl you like is prettier than a girl that I like, and you shouldn't try to say that you can lift more than me, because deep down, you know that I can lift way more than you. Sometimes I know that I am really the one who is right, but I let you win just so that you will shut up. You are probably one of the coolest, most unique guys I've ever met and I want to keep hanging out and doing normal guy stuff, but you have to be willing to make the effort too. In addition, you always have to get the last word in. Muzakkir, you are like a brother to me and I really do not know what I would be doing without you and your silliness around all the time.

I hope that you do not take this the wrong way, but I just thought it should be put out in the open so that we can cut down on the arguments that we have been having. Do not take this letter personal, I am not trying to put you down, I just thought I would bring it to your attention before it starts to affect our friendship. We have a really cool friendship and I do not want to continue to have these stupid competitions with you. I always let you win, so you should compromise and let me win an argument for once.

Selasa, 11 Ogos 2009

Assalamualaikum kepada semua, sudah beberapa lama aku tidak menulis di laman Blog aku ini, maklum la kan, sekarang ne aku agak buzy sikit kan.. insyallah..... tak lama lagi kan ku tulis lg.. 

Isnin, 9 Februari 2009

Mingu-mingu YaNg kU TaKuTi!!!

NaMpAkNyA miNgGu dEpAn tAnGgal 16 fEb bErmUlAlah jihAd sEbEnAr bAgiKu.....
AkU pErlu mEnempUhi pEpEraNgaN
iBarat aku Ini bErAda di MEdaN tEmPuR yAnG sAnGaT SeNgiT
tETaPi sEnJaTa Ku AdalaH sEbatAnG pEn
JiHad AkU yAnG pErTaMa Adalah KErTas eNgLish
yA Allah, BaNtUlAh hAmBaMu YanG lEmAh iNi.

Isnin, 2 Februari 2009

-~At PCB la~-

at 17 jan. 2009..,My friends and I with discuss together to tourist while picnic in Cahaya Bulan Beach at Kelantan. I knew about Cahaya Bulan Beach is very beautiful. It is very suitable to tourist especially with friends or family. We went at morning with my car. I drove my car while carried my friends. We arrived in Cahaya Bulan Beach at 3.00 evening. The sea there is very beautiful. I very grateful to god because have a sea like Cahaya Bulan Beach. We also carried many foods at there to eat together. There, many people trade seafood’s. We also tried seafood like cuttlefish and other. It is very delicious. There, we also played and bath in the sea. I very pleased because we all very relationship. Indeed, purpose we went picnic together because we went to take care our linkage. I hope it can join forever. At 6.30 o'clock, we come back and I hope we can go again. hehe..

"Melanconglah di Malaysia, macam2 ada; jimat pon jimat hee2"